I'd prefer not to

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by Didier Poiraud & Astrid Serafini @Blackhouse sessions

I'd Prefer Not To started in 2010 by experimenting its very own DIY format: one-man-band performances featuring distortion pedals, a wall of power amps, guitar and bass over prerecorded drums, all in the true grit spirit of indie rock. All the while, this uniband went about recording in his garage, producing a couple dozen songs over the next four years. His desire to get a full band together to play over this impulsive live and Americana pop song base became urgent.

In the Spring of 2015, Eric Pifeteau (drums) and Stephane Louvain (bass/vocals) joined Jerome Vermorel (guitar/vocals), becoming a rock combo and creating the IDPNT set.

Drums : Eric Pifeteau

Bass & vocals : Stéphane Louvain

Guitar & vocals : Jérôme Vermorel